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Image of storm related damage and downed power lines.
Power Outages Webina...

Power Outages Webinar

February 26 Capacity Building Webinar will offer best practices for responding to power outages.

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California Wildland Fire Fighters battling a blaze
Wildland Fire Fighte...

Wildland Fire Fighter Uniform Redesigned

Would it surprise you to know that the most common cause of injuries to wildland firefighters is not burns?

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house fire
NIST Fire Modeling

NIST Fire Modeling

National Institute for Standards and Technology software tools help response agencies predict the spread, growth and suppression of fire.

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Capacity Building Webinar Series
Earn Continuing Educ...

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Capacity Building Webinars are a great way to further professional development in 2015.

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First Responder Communities of Practice

Connect with your Peers. First Responder Communities of Practice provides a professional networking, collaboration, and communications forum for First Responders. DHS-Communities of Practice

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