Technology Profiles
New technology are developed as capability gaps are identified by first responders in the field. They represent technology that are needed, but the commercial industry is not yet prepared to develop.
Structure Firefighting Glove
Improved Structure Firefighting Glove
What it Does:

Firefighters at the scene of structural fires must use protec-tive gloves to shield themselves from burns and other injuries. Firefighters don structure gloves at the scene of the fire, but often remove them to complete certain tasks that require better dexterity. For example, firefighters have removed structure gloves to handle operating tools and to utilize communications equipment. Some firefighters have been injured under these circumstances. In addition, current structure gloves are very difficult to don while wet. This is because current models of structure gloves are big, bulky, and thick (in order to prevent burns). Because of the reduced functionality when wet, firefighters must spend more time in dangerous situations attempting to don and doff their structure gloves as they perform various tasks.  To prevent burns and other injuries to firefighters as a result of removing their gloves and to provide improved dexterity, a new and improved style of structural firefighting glove is being developed.​

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