Submission of SDOC and STR Documents for Review
​Upon completion of product testing, equipment suppliers must submit their Supplier’s Declaration of Compliance (SDOC) and Summary Test Report (STR) documents for DHS review. The SDOC and STR document review checks document completeness and accuracy in accordance with the current P25 CAP processes.

Document Submission

Submit the tested products’ SDOC (signed and dated) and STR files in PDF format by email to P25CAP@hq.dhs.gov with a spreadsheet (template here) containing the following information:
  • Supplier Name
  • Equipment Name
  • Equipment Type
  • Test Req Date
  • Document Type (SDOC or STR)
  • PDF File Name
  • Action

Always include a spreadsheet with your submission, using this template (Revised May 2015) to identify the documents you are submitting and whether the submission replaces old documents and so on.  Each of the preceding bullet items identify a column in the spreadsheet template. Including the spreadsheet with document submissions eases creation of the meta data displayed to help users find compliant equipment on the Grant-Eligible Equipment page. 

Document Review

After reviewing the submission for completeness and accuracy, DHS will either work with the equipment supplier to resolve discrepancies, or upload the SDOC and STR documents to the Grant-Eligible Equipment page.